My name is Victoria Miroshnikova.
I’m the owner and founder of RG studio.
I created it 4 years ago when I realized that we had so many Russian speaking families willing their children to do sport and support their native language at the same time. It was a big success. A lot of things have changed since that time: now we provide ballet and rhythmic gymnastics lessons for all the kids and at the same time supporting our Russian speaking groups.
Briefly about me:
originally I’m from USSR. I was born in the sport family. My parents were professional gymnasts and trainers. My sport career began when I was 4. I did rhythmic gymnastic during 16 years on the professional level, took part in regional and international competitions.

RG is my passion, so when I stopped with my competitions and got my master degree  I decided to continue my sport career as a trainer.
My last project is a gymnastic and ballet studio in Amsterdam www.rgstudio.nl.
We take part in the National and international competitions, get into the finals and win medals!
A huge sport experience, growing up in a sport and passion to gymnastic helps me to bring up more and more children into sport and make their life healthier and happier.
My experience:
Founder/Trainer in www.RGStudio.nl
Gymnastic trainer in SportService Amsterdam
Trainer in Ritmica RG club, Alkmaar.
Rhythmic Gymnastics Trainer and choreographer club Badhoever, Amsterdam
Classical Choreographer
for the Dutch Rhythmic Gymnastic national team. Preparation for the European Championship in Budapest.
Rhythmic Gymnastic trainer and choreographer club Eleganza Utrecht.
Rhythmic Gymnastic trainer club Ritmica Amsterdam.
Rhythmic Gymnastic trainer
Club Wilskracht.
Fitness,  Rhythmic Gymnastic and Choreographer Trainer in Ukraine Lugansk, Spain Altea.
Providing individual programs for the  physical condition, ballet  choreography classes for 5-10 level RG gymnasts, taking part in the regional and international competitions, organization of summer/winter boot camps
4th  Lugansk Sport School, Ukraine.
Trainer, choreographer. Department Rhythmic Gymnastic.
Choreography and ballet classes, training with apparatus.
Taking part in regional/international competitions and boot camp sessions.
1992-1994 Aerobic Club Luchinel Ukraine Lugansk. Fitness/Aerobic/Health Coach. Working with 8-17 year old professional gymnasts 5-10 level. Aerobic ,choreography and general physical condition  classes. Participating in the regional and international competitions.